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Welcome to a transformative coaching space where becoming unashamedly human and infinitely wise opens the door to the most rewarding source of well-being, accomplishment, potential and growth.

The Psychology and Wisdom of Leadership, Teams and Organisations

I know you have something tangible you want to reach or fix; all my clients do. But you may also sense that you and your teams are still not where you could be.

There is a success factor that is often overlooked, and way underestimated: it´s the role of our mind in everything we do.

My vision is for you as a leader and an organisation to understand its power so that you, your teams and even your organisation can start expanding beyond the limitations of your current thinking.

When you see the power of the mind, you will unlock an untouched potential within you and your people and open a realm of possibilities you didn't even know were accessible.

Your success and results will come with more peace of mind. You will navigate the organisation's challenges and complexity with more wisdom and engage in your role with a higher spirit. Tangible outcomes will follow.

Whether individually or collectively, let me take you on a psychological and wisdom-based journey of inspiration and growth where you and your people can live, work and thrive from a new and fresh state of mind.

There is so much to see and learn from our humanity. We will have a heartwarming and authentic experience, and you will be amazed at what you learn.


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I am a Psychologist and a Transformative Coach for Leaders, Teams and Organisations with 27 years of corporate experience and a fascination for the human potential and transformation.

I have worked with thousands of people in various countries and corporations to help them get clarity, high spirits, and tangible results.

My clients are Top Leaders and Organisations with dreams, visions and challenges. I coach them, teach them about the mind and accompany them on their journey to their next level of being and doing.

I work with a profound understanding of the human experience, with heart and compassion, and a lovingly disruptive intuition.

Whatever brought you here, I would love for you and your people to expand the potential of your humanity and wisdom.

Understanding How The Mind Works Matters

On this journey of unfolding greatness, your inner peace as a leader and as a team, your presence, your wisdom, and your insights matter.

We live, work and lead as we are and think. Our mental operating system is the same for every human being. It is rooted deep inside of us and unfolds towards the outside: from our level of consciousness to how we see the world, think and act.  

Great magic happens when we understand the psychology and wisdom of the mind. We approach the human experience more intelligently, let go of what we no longer need and act with better judgment.

Personal and collective transformation becomes easier in all areas of business and life. Creativity and problem-solving abilities unfold. Leaders and teams become discouragement-proof in a healthy way. Mindsets and relationships change. Self-confidence and well-being are natural. Results stressless. Actions come from a different place, with more natural resilience, grounding, and impact.

Your humanity and wisdom are hidden variables of the mind that are super powerful when you unlock them. What they can do for you and your teams will surprise you!

Work with me

Embrace Your Humanness

Be bold. Look. See. Feel. Understand. Learn. Open your mind and your heart. Find peace. Strengthen your core. Grow. Feel the new you.


Be present. Sense stillness. Listen. Awaken to what wants to emerge. Get clarity. Unlock purpose and potential. Unfold your creativity and intuition.


Increase your reach from the inside out. Look in a new direction. Take action. Start with the first step. Do what you are meant to do. Do it your way.

Rise as a Leader and
a Human Being

Whether you come for yourself or in your role as a Leader, these transformative coaching offers are for you if you are ready to rise to the next level of being you. Our conversations are safe, warm, genuine, deep, lovingly disruptive, and powerful. And if you are ready, they can be deeply transformative, too!

You will be able to connect with yourself and your role in the most healthy and impactful way and discover the beauty of navigating life and your job with humanity and wisdom.

You will love it!

Rise as a Team

Teams are way more than a group of individuals.

They have immense collective potential for connection, creativity, innovation, and growth. But the humanity that teams share and can be the source of miracles also sometimes prevents teams from reaching their full power.

This offer is for you and your people if you want to become the best team you can be.

We will have powerful conversations, learn together how the mind works, eliminate all intrinsic obstacles, and set free your team's potential to create the results you wish for. Your team will thank you!

Rise as an Organisation

Organizations are made of human energy.

In organisations, seeing the principles behind our mind is an enormous source of mental agility, creativity and connection.

The knowledge you will gain will impact the organisation both at an individual and a collective level. An organisation with a higher level of consciousness is an organisation that is ready to embrace reality as it emerges and to deal with any challenges, present and future, more creatively.

This offer is for you and your people if you want to become the best organisation you can be.

We will not only work on the concrete topics you bring to the table. You will have the chance to help your organisation gain a more flexible and wiser mindset. Your people will thank you for the noticeable culture change!


A Retreat for the Soul

This is a soul-based Leadership Retreat.

It is a group transformative personal development experience and a unique opportunity to learn, grow, and reset yourself and your leadership from the inside out.

It is eye-opening, warm-hearted, intense, and life-changing. You will pause and slow down to learn about the principles of the mind, reconnect with your humanity and wisdom, redefine yourself and how you see the world, and restart your life and leadership from another state of mind. Be ready for a beautiful personal exploration and a subtle inside-out transformation.

Next Insight Leadership Retreat: 07.-10.10.2024, Provence



A Remarkable Coaching

“Drissia manages to square the circle! Thanks to her clear communication, her holistic view of the world and her in-depth knowledge, she is able to deconstruct complex connections and focus on the essential. With a lot of sensitivity and fine antennae, she creates impulses for change processes - first in thinking, then in acting. I was lucky to be accompanied by Drissia in a transformation process. She´s inspiring!”

Professor for Management

“Drissia is an excellent Executive Coach who has a remarkable grasp on senior leadership ecosystem of Multinationals, who is very sharp when it comes to understanding and articulating systemic patterns, who always seems to know the right questions to ask. I am very fortunate to have worked with her and could not recommend her highly enough.”

CIO Tech Company

“If you have extensive professional experience, have had a wide range of training, coaching and really good further education and are still faced with a question that you cannot answer to your satisfaction, then I recommend Drissia Schroeder-Hohenwarth. Her way of opening up new ways of thinking and self-reflection really convinced me. A big thank you for a remarkable coaching!”

Senior IT Leader

“We have already worked successfully with Drissia a few times. I can highly recommend her for facilitating workshops and larger meetings (e.g. executive meetings) as well as for working in 1:1 situations. Drissia's open-minded nature, her extremely high level of empathy, coupled with her intercultural experience and multilingualism, makes her a much sought-after contact person for us in HR and our people manager and employees. I look forward to many more opportunities to work together with Drissia. ”

Head of HR, E-commerce Company

“A transformative journey with an empathetic coach full of spirituality I have been privileged to work with an exceptional coach who not only has remarkable empathy but also brings a unique spiritual perspective. This experience was life-changing and I am incredibly grateful for my time with Drissia.

What sets her apart is, first, her ability to really understand my feelings and challenges. She listened carefully without judging and created a safe space for me to open up and share my innermost being. Her caring nature helped me feel understood and supported while focusing on my personal development.

I was also impressed by the spiritual dimension she brings into her work. She encouraged me to connect with my inner self, explore my beliefs and values, and view my life journey more clearly. Her gentle guidance and inspiring approach opened up new opportunities for me to develop my strengths and overcome obstacles.

What I particularly appreciated about Drissia was her holistic approach. She not only considered individual aspects of my life in isolation, but recognised the connections between body, mind and soul. She helped me reach the full potential of where I was.

The time I spent with this coach was a true journey of self-discovery. I have learned to understand myself better, overcome my fears and increase my self-confidence. Her sensitive and spiritual nature encouraged me to strive courageously towards my dreams.

I would recommend Drissia to anyone looking for a profound change in their life. She will accompany you on a journey that can positively influence your life forever. Thanks to Drissia, I feel more empowered, inspired and ready to shape my life in new and exciting ways.”

Chairman of the General Works Council, Energy Company



Drissia Schroeder-Hohenwarth

Transformative Coach for Leaders, Teams and Organisations with a fascination for the endless potential of the mind.

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