5-8 Oct 2023, Provence, France

RETREAT for the soul

Pause Redefine Restart

Where psychological and spiritual growth come together to transform the way you LEAD and LIVE

Imagine if...

  • You experienced more leadership success and happiness in your life without mental stress. 
  • You knew how to gracefully deal with challenges that came your way without them inundating your mind for weeks.
  • You could rely on your natural leadership: your presence, wisdom, intuition and clarity, and your feelings were your asset.
  • You felt fully confident to be yourself with your colleagues and teams, trusting that it is the best thing you could give them.
  • You knew how to access your creativity and innovative power naturally and effortlessly.
  • You were utterly aligned with yourself, your work, and your life while being available for others. 

Retreat for the Soul

A journey of transformative insights for conscious leaders

This is not another leadership training, a well-being retreat, or a holiday. This is a transformative experience to rewire the way you lead and live so that you continue to experience a high level of success without compromising your life, your leadership impact and who you are.


  1. Learn the psychology behind how the mind works, so you can consciously tap into your full power as a human being and a leader. 
  2. Discover a way to connect with your intuition and wisdom that will accompany you throughout your life as a source of constant inspiration and guidance. 
  3. Slow down and experience intentional rest of body and mind to explore and expand your full potential insightfully. 
  4. Get more clarity around questions you may have about your work and life so you feel aligned with yourself.

Come as you are. This retreat will bring about a subtle yet powerful inner transformation that will impact how you experience business and life. You will feel the difference between you before and after those four days. Let yourself be surprised.

Are you ready? 

Meet your Retreat in beautiful Provence

How you lead and live your life has much to do with your inner world. Reconnecting with the essence of who you are is the fastest way to unleash the innate potential for success, wisdom, and happiness you have within you.

Who you are matters: your natural leadership, presence, wisdom, well-being, and clarity. All this matters if you want to be the best leader and human being you can be.

This retreat is about being, because when you are clear about yourself and what you need and want, your actions come from a different place, becoming more grounded, authentic and powerful.

You are not your past, your personality, your mental habits, or the ideas you have of yourself. Neither are you at the mercy of your circumstances. You are way more than that.

Understanding your mind's psychological potential is a true gift.

Leading and living with more ease, wisdom, impact, and a greater sense of fulfilment is possible. Don't underestimate the depth of your soul and the power of your mind. There is so much in you that waits to be seen, understood, let go of and activated.

You will discover an innovative psychological and spiritual approach that will make all the difference to your leadership and your life. 

I look forward to meeting you there!

Drissia Schroeder-Hohenwarth


What is waiting For you

Immerse yourself in four days of deep Learning and Transformation

Each day during the retreat you will receive:

  • Inspirational teaching sessions about the powerful principles of the mind.
  • Guided self-reflection to apply your learning to your life and your leadership.
  • Journaling and meditation to nourish your soul and expand your consciousness.
  • Eye-opening exercises to awaken your wisdom and help you find new ways of being.
  • Precious me-time and physical exercises to take care of body and mind.
  • Heart-warming peer exchange to also learn from each other.

Exclusive Bonus:

  • You will also get 1 private coaching session with me around the topic of your choice.
  • Prepare yourself for this transformative experience with a special reading and listening list.

The Schedule

  • We start October 4th with a nice optional welcome dinner at 20.00.
  • The retreat begins the next morning and every day at 10.00.
  • The afternoon session is from 15.00 to about 18.00.
  • Breakfast is ready at 08.30. Lunch at 13.00. Dinner is at 20.00.
  • Two dinners are outside in restaurants in the surrounding, and two are inside.
  • The retreat ends Sunday 8th, 12.00

Optional Extras:

  • Prepare your body and soul every morning with a yoga session.
  • Enjoy a discovery walk in the forest to the well-known Abbaye of Senanque and the village of Gordes.

The retreat is a very special experience that opens up space for powerful insights and personal growth.


Hi, I'm Drissia Schroeder-Hohenwarth, a Psychologist, a Transformative Leadership and Organisational Coach, and the Owner of DSH International HR.

I started studying the human mind 35 years ago and have always been fascinated by the human experience, our ability to change, and the amazing wisdom we all carry.

Over the years, I have accompanied thousands of people worldwide in their personal and professional development individually and collectively as a Clinical Psychologist, then HR Manager, and for more than 16 years as a Transformative Coach for Leaders, Teams and Organisations.

I work with heart, knowledge and intuition. And in addition to an extensive experience in classical systemic coaching, I bring a profound psychological and spiritual understanding to my work that makes all the difference.

My life experience also shapes my approach at a deep human level. I have personally walked a hopeful path of transformation and know what it feels like. I am honoured and grateful to be able to accompany you on this unique and personal growth journey.

On the way to yourself

Le Moulin de Gontrand


Le Moulin de Gontrand is an exquisite place near Gordes, a medieval town between Avignon and Marseille. 
This beautiful old stone house has lovely bedrooms, a living room where we will be working together, a huge garden and an eco friendly swimming pool.
There are 8 gorgeous and very quiet bedrooms in the house upstairs: 2 luxury rooms, 4 spacious rooms and 2 cosy rooms. All have comfortable king size beds and their own bathrooms. There will be no price difference between the rooms, just a first come first served principle.

What is included in the price?

  • 4 days Transformative Retreat
  • A coaching session (on-site)
  • Your accommodation (a single room en-suite for 4 nights)
  • Your meals (a welcome dinner, 4 x breakfast, 3 x lunch, 3 afternoon snacks, water, tea and coffee, fruits)
  • The exclusive use of the location (the house, the garden and the pool)

How is the price calculated?

  • The Retreat (1500 €)
  • Accomodation, location and meals (600€)
  • VAT (399€)

What is not included:

  • your travel expenses.
  • 3 dinners, wines and other beverages.
  • your contribution to the yoga sessions and the excursion to the Abbaye.



“And in this game of life, we all search for ourselves. When I say selves, I mean inner selves, the thing that created life in the first place. Now consciously, most of us are not aware of this. But if you’re searching for happiness; if you’re searching for tranquillity; if you’re searching just to have a nice, peaceful, loving, understanding life… in actual fact, you're searching for your inner self.” Sydney Banks


IS IT A WOMEN´S RETREAT? No, it is not. Everybody is welcome to join. Come as you are. Yoga is optional.

HOW DO I GET TO THE VENUE? You can fly to Marseille or take the train to Avignon, and then a taxi of about an hour to get to the venue. We could put you in contact with other participants if you want to share a car or a taxi. 

WHAT IS THE LANGUAGE OF THE RETREAT? The primary language of the retreat is English but depending on the mixture of participants you will have the chance to have conversations in German or French.

HOW IS THIS DIFFERENT FROM PRIVATE COACHING WITH YOU? This is an in-person coaching program. The intensity and length of the experience will accelerate and strengthen your insights. The safe exchange with the group brings new perspectives.


  • Understand the incredible potential of your mind, deepen your leadership and elevate your life.
  • Learn to use the power of your intuition and wisdom for yourself and in service of others.
  • Boost your natural confidence, lead from a more grounded place, and impact with authenticity.
  • Understand yourself at a deeper level and become your own best friend.
  • Gain insights into your innate resilience and how to take better care of yourself.
  • Receive personal coaching outside the confines of your corporate role.
  • Elevate your level of consciousness as a human being and a leader.
  • And if you are open and curious about what else you can learn about life and yourself.

Embrace Your Humanness

Be bold. Look. See. Feel. Understand. Learn. Open Your Mind and your Heart. Find Peace. Grow. Strengthen Your Core. Feel The New And Authentic You. You Are Ready To Shine Bright. 


Be present. Sense Stillness. Listen. Awaken To What Wants To Emerge. Get Clarity. Unlock Purpose And Potential. Unfold your Creativity And Intuition. Connect With Your Vision. 


Increase Your Reach From The Inside Out. Take Action. Wise And Strong. Do What You Are Meant To Do. Do it Your Way. With Presence And Grounding.


Photograph of Drissia © Hélène Bossy