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Great Teams Can Do Anything.
Every team has the potential to become very successful and high-spirited regardless of the circumstances.


With all the key factors put together wisely, your team can go in a short period of time from good to great

In our work together, you will improve on all the usual team success factors but also learn about the most important and underestimated variable in business: your mind.

Understanding how it works will make all the difference in your world and with your teams. Sustainably. You will be able to create strong connections with each other, awaken your natural resilience, bounce back more quickly from any difficulty you encounter, access your creativity and wisdom more easily and get problem-solved together with more wisdom.

In our work together, there will be listening, learning and understanding; we will work at the heart of what makes us human. Let’s connect. We will have a heartwarming and authentic connection, and you will be surprised to see your team unfold in a new way.

Become The Best You
Can Be As A Team

Leadership and Teamwork are high-level contact sports that we don´t learn in books. You know that for sure. They are made of human energy and mindsets that have an immense collective potential for productivity, connection, innovation, and growth.

But the human and mind power that is the source of so much magic in teams and organisations can also become why they don't always reach their full potential.

The value of understanding how the mind works is not to be underestimated.

These programmes are for you and your people if you want to become the best team you can be. You will learn how the mind works, eliminate everything intrinsic to the team that slows you down, create the culture you need to function at your best and set free your wonderful collective energy to create the results you want.

You will see wonders, and your team and organisation will thank you!

Teamwork is the secret that makes common people achieve uncommon results

Ifeanyi Enoch Onuoha


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You already have nearly all the ingredients ready to thrive -leadership, roles, strategy, and processes are rather clear and almost all in place. You need support to bring everything and everyone together to fine-tune the team setting and accelerate the team dynamics process towards greatness.

Then, this high-spirited and inspiring connection-based programme is what you need.


For whatever reason, your team is going through a hard time. Challenges have accumulated; you need time together, with lots of listening, understanding, and clarification, to get misunderstandings out of the way, make peace and refresh. You long for support from someone who knows how to deal with emotions in the room, can help understand what is happening beneath the surface, and reset the team spirit to thrive again.

Then, this clarifying and highly effective healing and reset program is for you.

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You have mid- to long-term goals with your team and your organisation, want to speed up a change process, and, at the same time, ensure that the collective journey of transformation is as productive as possible. There is a lot at stake, and the situation is complex. You need someone at your side with lots of human experience who can bring the right intervention at the right moment to help the collective spirit move in the right direction smoothly.

Then, this co-creative, wholistic and transformative one-year programme is for you.

Your Team is only one step away from becoming the best team it can be!

Are you ready to learn how?


“I would like to thank you once again for the excellent work you have done. I have rarely seen my team be so motivated and constructive together. The result of this group work is quite remarkable. And a large part of this result lies with you. We are already beginning to feel the first positive effects: our way of communicating is much better, our meetings are better organized and more efficient, the atmosphere in the team, which was already good, improves with each new meeting. Thank you again for your help. I have had nothing but compliments about you from my colleagues, they are very impressed by your professionalism.”

Regional Director Team, Bank

“We have already worked successfully with Drissia a few times. I can highly recommend Drissia for facilitating workshops and larger meetings (e.g. executive meetings) as well as for working in 1:1 situations. Drissia's open-minded nature, her extremely high level of empathy, coupled with her intercultural experience and multilingualism, makes Drissia a much sought-after contact person for us in HR and our people manager and employees. I look forward to many more opportunities to work together with Drissia.”

Head of HR, B to B Online Platform

“I like to think back to the time with you. I hope you are doing well.

I think we've managed the change well here. Our boss, the new colleagues, life goes on... everything is in flow.

I'm fine, I'm still enjoying the remaining summer feelings. Thank you again. Warm greetings”

Leader Psychological Councelling Team

“Drissia Schroeder-Hohenwarth and I have been working together on a variety of levels for several years. Drissia helps us both as a consultant and as a coach to specifically bring about the cultural transformation that is necessary in digital change. Your very sensitive perception and ability to open up perspectives is a very valuable asset. Quietly and very powerfully, we initiated and controlled sustainable movements. Thanks for that."

HR Director Tech Company

“Drissia manages to square the circle! Thanks to her clear communication, her holistic view of the world and her in-depth knowledge, she is able to deconstruct complex connections and focus on the essential. With a lot of sensitivity and fine antennae, she creates impulses for change processes - first in thinking, then in acting. I was lucky to be accompanied by Drissia in a transformation process. She´s inspiring!”

Professor for Management



“The Psychology and Wisdom of Change”


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Rise as a Leader and
a Human Being

Whether you come for yourself or in your role as a Leader, those transformative coaching packages are for you if you are ready to rise to the next level of being you. Our conversations are safe, warm, genuine, deep, lovingly disruptive, and very powerful. And if you are ready they can be deeply transformative too!

You will be able to connect with yourself and your role in the most healthy and impactful way, and discover the beauty of navigating life and your job with humanness and wisdom.

How you translate your wisdom into actions that impact the world will then come to you with way more ease. You will love it!

Rise as an Organisation

Organisations are made of human energy.

In organisations understanding the human principles is an enormous source of mental agility, creativity and connection.

The knowledge you will gain in the learning process will impact the organisation both at an individual and a collective level, and an organisation with a higher level of consciousness is an organisation that is ready to embrace reality as it emerges and to deal with any challenges, present and future more creatively.

This offer is for you and your people if you want to become the best organisation you can be.

We will not only work on the concrete topics you bring to the table. You will have the chance to help your organisation gain a more flexible and wiser mindset. Your people will thank you for the noticeable culture change.