Drissia Schroeder-Hohenwarth

Awaken To Your Natural Leadership and Inner Power, Connect With Your Wisdom, Become the Best Leader and Human Being You Can be

Drissia Schroeder-Hohenwarth

Leadership is not easy; you know that

The number of hours you put in it every week, the pressure, the decisions, the people who need you, the politics and egos you have to deal with, organisational complexity and much more -there is a lot on your plate. You are already doing it amazingly well.

But how do you ensure your success without paying a personal price too high in this journey? There is a way.

You will learn to understand the incredible power of your mind. Simple yet profound and powerful universal human principles will help you expand, awaken your natural confidence and inner strength, and navigate your role with more serenity, wisdom, presence, and impact.

Our conversations are safe, warm, genuine, deep, lovingly disruptive, and powerful. By connecting with yourself in a healthy way, you will thrive in your role.

If you are ready for a real transformative journey, you will not only see the beauty of navigating any challenges of your role with humanity and wisdom but also become the best version of yourself. From there, you can do anything.

You will love it!


There is a uniqueness to you that I would like you to see.

It is amazing how you can feel and what you can see when you step back and connect with yourself. You will not only pursue your goals. You will also grow and expand, feel more grounded and solid, and reconnect with the essence of who you are. That´s what I want for you.


I have no one-size-fits-all recipe for your coaching. Each session is different.

We will work on every single topic you bring to the table. I listen to you and trust both my intuition and our joined wisdom to help you find the answers you seek. You will be surprised about the resources you can find inside yourself when you truly listen.


You can never know what you get in a transformative coaching journey. Trust the process.

Sometimes, you have a clear objective and know exactly where to go but not how to get there. Sometimes, you need a safe and quiet place to reflect on what is going on in your leadership and life so that you can come up with the right inspiration and decide what to do. There is no one way to use your coaching space. The space is yours.

The Light In Me Sees The Light In You



Rise to the Next
Level as a Leader

This is a transformative experience that will rewire how you lead so that you can continue to experience high success without compromising your life and who you are.

Do you have goals you want to reach, challenges to overcome, or anything about yourself or your leadership you want to see more clearly? Do you sense there is more in you than you currently show? Then, this online individual coaching is for you.

It is a safe, inspiring, and lovingly disruptive space to explore, learn, and find the answers you are looking for inside yourself. It is amazing how much we can see when we look inside ourselves.

You will understand the underlying principles beneath your thinking and actions and find out what you need to see or let go of to move on. This transformation is inside-out. Your actions will follow your inner spark.

Coaching Intensive

The individual transformative retreat is a unique opportunity to reset yourself, your business, and/or your life. It is loving, intense, and life-changing. A potential accelerator. Get ready for a wonderful personal ride!

The four days will accelerate your transformation and set the foundation for whatever you want to reach in your life. This time is for you to redefine yourself and what is important to you. You will get the chance to reach a level of clarity that will enable you to see what you need to see and get rid of the mental limitations that are currently slowing you down. Sometimes, the transformation is subtle, and sometimes, it is radical. At the end of the process, you will know that something important has changed: a breakthrough.

4 days of in-person coaching in Marseille or Cologne, including 3 x 1 hour before and 3 x 1 hour after the intensive.


Retreat for the Soul

How you lead and live your life has much to do with your inner world. Reconnecting with the essence of who you are is the fastest way to unleash the innate potential for success, wisdom, and happiness you have within you.

Who you are matters: your natural leadership, presence, wisdom, well-being, and clarity. All this matters if you want to be the best leader and human being you can be.

Pause - Redefine- Restart.

This soul-based Leadership Retreat is about being because when you are clear about yourself and what you need and want, your actions come from a different place, becoming more grounded, authentic and powerful.

Transformative Conversations
for Leadership

a 4 x 90-minute journey designed to elevate your leadership experience and help you cultivate serenity, clarity, resilience, and presence.

This immersive online learning experience will introduce you to a profound understanding of the human mind and offer a dedicated space for personal reflection and the opportunity to connect with like-minded leaders from diverse organizations.

Drissia Schroeder-Hohenwarth

Do you still have questions?

Are you contemplating to embrace transformation as an individual seeking personal growth or a leader aiming for professional elevation?

You want to discover the ease of navigating life and leadership with wisdom and humanity?

About Transformative Coaching

Transformative Coaching is not about chasing goals, although it will also help you with that. It is not about following specific methods, processes or rules. It is more than pursuing a particular dream. It is about understanding our mind at a deeper level and transcending our limiting ideas of who we are and what is possible to open up the space of possibilities.

Whether as an individual or an organisation, Transformative Coaching guides you through understanding the principles of your mind. It allows you to explore how your mind shapes your world and connects you with a force that is deeper and greater than your mind can even imagine. It brings another level of consciousness and a change in mental patterns.

This transformation reveals the beauty of who you truly are and points you to the amazing things you can do when you are free and fully present. Recognizing this force and seeing who you are beyond your life experience or your ideas of yourself and others is extremely powerful. It gives clarity, resilience, and presence for whatever you are meant to do and is a wonderful source of happiness.

Transformative Coaching is an inside-out work, not an outside-in job.

This work is at the edge of psychology and spirituality. It is a mindful experience that increases your consciousness and opens your heart. You will learn to look inside for insights and let yourself be guided by your wisdom.

You'll be surprised!


“If you have extensive professional experience, have had a wide range of training, coaching and really good further education and are still faced with a question that you cannot answer to your satisfaction, then I recommend Drissia Schroeder-Hohenwarth. Her way of opening up new ways of thinking and self-reflection really convinced me. A big thank you for a remarkable coaching!” 

Senior IT Leader

“I warmly recommend Drissia as a coach. Her deep calm and how she gradually approached working with me on particular topics and then underpinning them with the theoretical foundation were always a pleasure in every session. The holistic approach supports not only the professional situation but also the overall personal level, which also impacts the business. Every hour was a gain, and I'm always looking forward to our appointments! Thank you.”

Senior VP Sales EMEA, Tech Company

“For almost half a year, Drissia worked with me. During the coaching sessions with her, I learned a lot about myself. She brought light to hidden areas of my leadership by showing me how looking at a problem from a different perspective can really make a change. If you have a leadership challenge, I definitely recommend working with Drissia on a solution. She'll uncover the best in you!” 

Senior Leader, Defence Industry

“A transformative journey with an empathetic coach full of spirituality. I have been privileged to work with an exceptional coach who does not only have remarkable empathy but also brings a unique spiritual perspective. This experience was absolutely life changing and I am incredibly grateful for the time I was able to spend with Drissia. What sets her apart is first her ability to really understand my feelings and challenges. She listened carefully without judging and created a safe space for me to open up and share my innermost being. Her caring nature helped me feel understood and supported while focusing on my personal development. I was also impressed by the spiritual dimension she brings into her work. She encouraged me to connect with my inner self, explore my beliefs and values, and view my life journey with greater clarity. Through her gentle guidance and inspiring approach, she opened up new opportunities for me to develop my strengths and overcome obstacles. What I particularly appreciated about Drissia was her holistic approach. She not only considered individual aspects of my life in isolation, but recognized the connections between body, mind and soul. She helped me reach the full potential of where I was. The time I spent with this coach was a true journey of self-discovery. I have learned to understand myself better, overcome my fears and increase my self-confidence. Her sensitive and spiritual nature encouraged me to strive courageously towards my dreams. I would recommend Drissia to anyone looking for a profound change in their life. She will accompany you on a journey that can positively influence your life forever. Thanks to Drissia I feel more empowered, inspired and ready to shape my life in completely new and exciting ways.”

Chairman of the General Works Council, Energy Company

“I had the pleasure of enjoying intensive coaching with Drissia, which brought me realisations about myself and the way I approach my family and work. Drissia’s kind and warm heart always guided me back to the question of what was happening inside of me, to my inner wisdom. She showed me how I can rely on it. There is wisdom inside us all. As leaders of international teams this is a common denominator regardless of our backgrounds, nationality or experiences. Simply trusting myself and ourselves brings serenity, awareness and more clarity to my work and personal life. Thank you, Drissia, for this wonderful start of a journey where I feel a new lightness in me. I wish you Drissia a good continuation with people to whom you can give your love and professional guidance to. Merci”

Top Executive, Aeronautics industry

“Drissia is an excellent Executive Coach who has a remarkable grasp on the senior leadership ecosystem of Multinationals, who is very sharp when it comes to understanding and articulating systemic patterns, and always seems to know the right questions to ask. I am very fortunate to have worked with her and could not recommend her highly enough.” 

CIO Tech Company

“It was a great pleasure working with Drissia. Already in the first session she was asking the one important question that kicked-off my transformation into the leader I wrongly thought I could not be. If you want to explore various facets of the diamond that you are, Drissia is the one to do that with!”

Senior Research and Innovation Consultant

“Drissia manages to square the circle! Thanks to her clear communication, her holistic view of the world and her in-depth knowledge, she can deconstruct complex connections and focus on the essentials. With a lot of sensitivity and fine antennae, she creates impulses for change processes - first in thinking, then acting. I was lucky to be accompanied by Drissia in a transformation process. She´s inspiring!” 

Professor for Management 

“Drissia Schroeder-Hohenwarth was once again an exceptional support as a coach during a challenging phase of my work as CEO for a small non-profit organisation when during the pandemic important strategic and staffing issues piled up. Her calm, clear way of approaching the various topics helped to sort thoughts and ideas and to set me on a path to finding solutions for those challenges. I can only recommend her highly as a coach.”

CEO Non-Profit Organisation




Rise as a Team

Teams are way more than a group of individuals

They have immense collective potential for connection, creativity, innovation, and growth. But the humanity that is the source of so much wonder can sometimes become why teams don't reach their full potential.

This offer is for you and your people if you want to become the best team you can be.

You will have powerful conversations, learn together how the mind works, eliminate everything intrinsic to the teams that slows you down, and set free your beautiful team potential to create the results you wish for. Your team will thank you!

Rise as an Organisation

Organisations are made of human energy.

In organisations, understanding the human principles is an enormous source of mental agility, creativity and connection.

The knowledge you will gain in the learning process will impact the organisation both at an individual and a collective level, and an organisation with a higher level of consciousness is an organisation that is ready to embrace reality as it emerges and to deal with any challenges, present and future more creatively.

This offer is for you and your people if you want to become the best organisation you can be.

We will not only work on the concrete topics you bring to the table. You will have the chance to help your organisation gain a more flexible and wiser mindset. Your people will thank you for the noticeable culture change!