Drissia Schroeder-Hohenwarth

Organisations are made of human energy. When you unlock the healthy collective potential of your organisation the results will surpass your imagination.


Beneath the visible surface of organisations, there is wisdom.

At the surface are your structures, strategies, and processes. There are habits and a culture with written and unwritten rules of how people do things.

There is creativity, genius, cooperation and trust. There is interconnectedness, complexity and creativity. There are egos, power games, negativity and fears. There is pressure to deliver and sometimes conflicting interests.

There is human energy and wisdom. Both build the invisible engine of your organisation.

When we look beneath the surface of what we see with our eyes, we can understand what is happening at a deeper level.

In organisations, understanding human principles behind behaviours and events is an enormous source of wisdom, mental agility, connection, and effortless change.

The knowledge you will gain in the transformative process will impact the organisation individually and collectively, and an organisation with a higher level of consciousness is an organisation that is ready to embrace reality as it emerges and can deal with any challenges, present and future, more creatively.

This is why what I give you is different.

People don't so much dislike change as they dislike being changed.

Rosabeth Moss Kanter

How we work together

We set a framework for cooperation and start co-creating the transformation process.

I usually have as many good questions as answers, as well as a strong intuition and experience gained over 25 years of working with people in organisations. I listen to you and your people deeply, observe, connect the dots and give you feedback.

That's the first step that will be so helpful to you.

But we go further.

With your knowledge of the company and my understanding of it from the outside, we build the perfect team.

  • I share what I observe and sense with you, and we work together to cocreate powerful interventions with long-term effects.
  • I coach you and your key players so that you can take full ownership of the change and your future.
  • I teach you an understanding of the mind to empower you to lead your teams through the change effectively.
  • My clients usually see me as a caring, loving and challenging sparring partner who questions the status quo and thinks outside the box.
  • My interventions are simple and minimal, with a maximum impact.
  • I trust Wisdom and move with you step by step. I don't come with a vast change project planning and an extensive team of consultants. You can get the most significant impact with the most minor interventions.
  • Whatever result you want to reach, coaching your company means coaching you and your key players so that you can use all your wisdom to step up as a leader and lead the change in a way that benefits all stakeholders.

When the seeds for new ideas, change, cooperation, constructive communication and creativity have been sown, you will all continue to carry the process until the change has spread in the organisation and reached a tipping point.

When behaviours have adjusted, and the organisation is moving in the right direction, you will need me less and less, and at some point, not at all.

My work is then done.






Book a call WITH ME.

Lets talk about your organisation.

Drissia Schroeder-Hohenwarth

A case story

It has been decided that the IT part of the company, with 20,000 people in 25 countries, would be first carved out and then sold.
This was of course, an enormous task also for HR.

For this unit's Global Head of HR, it was obvious that the process could only be successful if all parties involved cooperated: the US, Germany, France, the UK, Italy, Asia, Eastern Europe, and Latin America. It was also clear that if the HR board could not cooperate on this project, the rest of the organisation would not follow.

The problem was that they were not used to it -not this way, not so quickly, and not with such a visible impact for any company buyer.

To ensure that decisions were properly understood, supported and implemented in all countries, the Global Head of HR invited the HR Directors to come together every few months for three days for an off-site and asked me to support the process.

My job was to help this group of HR Directors from different countries quickly make critical decisions together. They were no real team yet, just 17 HR key players with somewhat diverging interests but being in the same boat.

The experience was new, the time short, and the stress level high. There was a lot at stake.

They had to set up a framework for cooperation, get to know each other and decide what results they wanted to achieve and how. The what, who, when and how of the decision process had also to be clarified.

My role as a coach was to offer them a safe containment where they could choose a way to go through the process constructively and effectively and facilitate the talks and strategic decisions. They worked on relationships and trust, discussed the issue of power, negotiated positions and learned to respect each other for their differences.

In the following sessions, they went deeper and deeper into the more technical issues of preparing the carve-out. Their teams depended on them. The project leaders from the different HR streams would come regularly to the meetings, report about the progress and expect clear leadership decisions. In critical topics with a high risk of getting stuck, my role was to help them constructively talk through all the issues and find a common agreement.

The process was intense but went smoothly. It took the global HR team about a year to prepare the organisation for the sale, and they did it together with their respective teams. It went extremely well. A miracle.

Mission accomplished!


The Leader in OD Processes


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“I have been working with Drissia periodically over the last 12 months, utilising her knowledge and expertise to assist me in delivering an organisational transformation and integration project. This international project has a main focus on intercultural differences, developing international networks and facilitating collaborative working. During the last 12 months she has demonstrated the utmost integrity and professionalism whilst assisting with some of the sensitive aspects of this change programme. I value her international experience as she adds a wealth of experience to my project, not to mention that she is a pleasure to work with! I would have no hesitations in recommending Drissia to any organisation which is undertaking complex organisational change and transformation.”


“Drissia has helped us build a strategic approach to a change management project. She was very focused, creative, with a true vision and commitment. She helped us to adapt our approach and brought a true inspirational understanding of the case. I would highly recommend Drissia for coaching and change management projects.”


“Drissia Schroeder-Hohenwarth and I have been working together on various levels for several years. Drissia helped us both as a consultant and as a coach to specifically bring about the cultural transformation that is necessary in digital change. Your very sensitive perception and ability to open up perspectives is a very valuable asset. Quietly and very powerfully, we initiated and accompanied sustainable movements in the organisation. Thank you for that."





Rise as a Leader and
a Human Being

Whether you come for yourself or in your role as a Leader, those transformative coaching programs are for you if you are ready to rise to the next level of being you. Our conversations are safe, warm, genuine, deep, lovingly disruptive, and powerful. And if you are ready, they will be deeply transformative!

You will be able to connect with yourself and your role in the most healthy and impactful way, and discover the beauty of navigating life and your job with humanness and wisdom.

How you translate your wisdom into actions that impact the world will then come to you in a way that is unique to you. You will love it!

Rise as a Team

Teams are way more than only a group of individuals.

They have an immense collective potential for connection, creativity, innovation, and growth. But the humanity that is the source of so much wonder can sometimes become why organizations and teams don't reach their full potential.

This offer is for you and your people if you want to become the best team and organization you can be.

You will have powerful conversations, learn together how the mind works, eliminate everything intrinsic to the teams that slow you down, and set free your beautiful team potential to create the results you wish for. Your teams will thank you!