The Power of Transformative Conversations for Leadership

24 July 2020 | 2 min read


Disruption, uncertainty, transformation: Leadership is more needed than ever. There are no obvious answers. Inspiration lies in Wisdom…

About this Event

Leading is about influencing, guiding and impacting others. Businesses are shaken right now at many levels. In the middle of the storm good Leadership is needed.

But what kind of Leadership? Centered and balanced when chaos is everywhere, human and rational for the decisions you make, authentic and clear despite the lack of visibility, strong and humble at the same time, courageous and fair, focused and connected . .. Is all that possible?

Leaders have to give a lot. The demands on leadership are complex. But how do you do that? How do you know when to do what? How do you stop your head from spinning when you don’t find the answers?

So much disruption requires a new understanding and another connection with ourselves and others. When everything is unstable around us, keeping or regaining our balance is essential. We need to feel the equlibrium point in us. There is no recipy for that. We have to feel it. And be gentle with ourselves when we don’t. That’s part of the game of life, of being human.

Whether as an individual or as an organisation, Transformative Conversations guide us through the understanding of the principles of the mind. Theygive us the chance to explore how we shape our world and connect us with a force that is deeper and greater than we can even imagine. They bring us to another level of awareness.

Recognizing this force and seeing who we really are beyond our experience of life or the ideas we have of ourselves, our role and others is extremely powerful. Tranformative. It gives us clarity, resilience and presence for whatever we are meant to do in this world. Including Leadership.

A Transformative Conversation is an inside-out work, not an outside-in job.

In the business context, seeing the principles behind our human experience and wisdom is an enormous source of mental flexibility, inspiration and connection. Seeing ourselves leads to seeing others. It impacts our leadership and the organisation.

This conversation integrates psychology and spirituality. It is a mindful experience without mindfullness exercise. It increases our consciousness and opens our heart.It is more about seeing than about doing.

Sit down or go for a walk, let yourself be guided, relax, listen and see what you can see new for yourself, your role and your organization when your mind quiets down.

I look forward to welcoming you in this virtual space of insights.

Warm regards

Drissia Schroeder-Hohenwarth


Written by Drissia Schroeder-Hohenwarth

Transformative Coach for Leaders, Teams and Organisations with a fascination for the endless potential of the mind.

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