The New Normal

17 March 2020 | < 1 min read

Social distancing does not mean human and business disconnection.. with some of my clients we are now simply switching our work to video communication.. very safe, simple, cost effective and not new.. team coaching sessions are possible per video.. with some clients we had been working from a distance for years anyway because we wanted to work together and didn’t want to travel all the time.

I love that things are adjusting naturally.. that things that seemed impossible for some clients even a few months ago slowly become the new normal. We, human beings, have the ability to adapt, adjust and even create beyond our thinking. Our heads are sometimes limiting our own abilities to innovate.. sometimes we cannot imagine things until we do them.. we think things are impossible until they are there.

I am really curious what else is coming.. what else will become the new normal.. which ideas, themes, products, ways of working, values etc. will emerge from this crisis. Things we can not even imagine yet. Things that will push us outside our comfort zone so we can learn further and expand. They will all challenge us to learn, innovate, anticipate and adjust.. I trust our adaptive nature. That´s super exciting! Even if it feels uncomfortable at times.

Photo by Agnieszka Boeske, Unsplash


Written by Drissia Schroeder-Hohenwarth

Transformative Coach for Leaders, Teams and Organisations with a fascination for the endless potential of the mind.

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