The Intuitive and the Rational Mind in Leadership

27 August 2020 | 2 min read

Unpredictable, puzzling, shocking, full of real and imagined dangers – the current context is shaking a lot of what we thought we knew. We are loosing the illusion of control and have no other chance than to listen more, be humble, learn fast and try all sorts of new stuff that, not so long ago, we thought were impossible. And for that, we may need some new skills..

Today, I would like to draw your attention to a precious skill we all possess but don’t always see, value and use as much as it would deserve: our intuition.

Think about those situations for a moment:

What would science look like without intuitive intelligence? And creativity and innovation without intuition? Financial investments without a sixth sense? How would a captain steer his/her boat through a storm if he/she is not fully alert of the subtle messages of the wind? Is it possible to surf a wave without being present here and now, in total contact with the movements of the water? How would a top player find a creative way through the unpredictability of a game without gut feeling? How would you go through life without a bit of inexplicable common sense? 

Even the most elaborate forecasts cannot predict the future. So why do we admire our rational mind so much and pay so little attention to our intuitive intelligence? 

We cannot predict, calculate and plan everything. We can study and think our way through lots of options, but life does not let itself be controlled so easily. Sometimes, we just have to surrender to it and let it show us the way. When we fight against it, we loose. When we understand how it works, we can save energy and use our rational intelligence any time it is useful – And it is not always the case. 

Intuition is a skill we need to navigate through life.

It is what helps us in times of happiness and in times of trouble. Life and business decisions come easily when we know how to use both our intuitive and our rational intelligence wisely. Luckily, that knowledge is already built into the human mind, we just need to listen more. Let me show you how..

The 3 programmes I offer in the next months explore intuition and the rational mind from different perspectives:

Restrukturierungskompetenz für Manager & HR03.09.2020: Some of you will unfortunately have to make very tough decisions the next months and accompany people in painful processes, especially when it comes to helping staff leave the company. To help you prepare for it adequately, my colleagues and I are organizing a webinar where you can ask your questions. Half a day, 3 sessions with 3 experts: Project management, Legal Framework, Intuitive Psychology (Webinar, German) Read more..

The Power of Transformative Conversations for Leadership07.09.2020: 4 weeks x 90 mins online sessions, 4 levels of connection: 1) with yourself -find your center-, 2) with others -connect & communicate-, 3) with wisdom -listen to the signs- and 4) with action -follow the signs and adjust- , 4 opportunities to go deeper into strengthening your intuitive leadership and increase your impact, inspiring for both experienced and young leaders, innovative and eye opening experience (Zoom Training, Englisch) Read more..

Explore. Ein Retreat mit Tiefenwirkung09.-11.10.2020: 3 days intensive + 2 individual sessions for a very personal journey of exploration and transformation. A unique and heart warming opportunity to pause, look within for insights, recenter yourself and explore any personal or professional topics you want to look at from a place of presence and wisdom. (In-Person Retreat, German) Read more..

I look forward to seeing you very soon.
Best wishes
Drissia Schroeder-Hohenwarth


Written by Drissia Schroeder-Hohenwarth

Transformative Coach for Leaders, Teams and Organisations with a fascination for the endless potential of the mind.

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