This Force inside us

29 March 2020 | 4 min read


What is happening can feel overwhelming sometimes but there is a safe place in us. A place we can go to anytime. A force we can trust.

It is our mental backbone, the center of who we are, the place where our creativity and joy come from but also where we find inner peace and calm in the most challenging circumstances, answers when we are stuck, the direction when we can’t see very far. It is our inner Force. It belongs to us, and it is connected with life. Nobody and nothing can take that away from us. It is the place in us where we are centered and clear, both soft and strong. Where everything is in balance even when everything around us is upside down.

A place of Deep Knowing. A Knowing beyond and between our usual thoughts. A place that leads us through life when we allow it. When our usual thinking switches off and a deeper fresh new thinking kicks in. We have all experienced it in a way or another. We know how it feels. It has guided us in the most important moments of our lives. It is in all of us. We don’t have to be in it all the time or be aware of it everyday to know it is in us. It takes all sorts of forms.

In nature it enables plants to grow in spring and rest in winter, flowers to turn to the sun to survive and even find their way between stones in the most tiny holes, trees to “communicate” in the forest and build deeper roots when there is not enough water etc. They don’t need us for that. They just know how to do it. Then our body that knows so much, that has its own logic of functioning and a built in healing mechanism. Nobody has ever taught our digestive system to do what it does or our bodies how to create life. They just know. In business it is the source of our most brilliant ideas and our common sense, of the decisions we make when we don’t have all information, the words we find when we want to connect, the individual and collective genius and so much more!

In our life and our mind we call this Deep Knowing sometimes intuition or clarity or wisdom or common sense or inner gps or force or what ever. It doesn’t matter really how we call it. We always feel it communicating in and with us when we are in contact with it. It comes from us and from a place beyond us that is much greater than us. It talks to us also when we don’t know that it is “it”.

I had the chance to be fully aware of its presence many times in my life. But for the first time fifteen years ago I connected the dots at a different level. It was when I had a stroke, and then a few years later again, when i had life threatening health complications as an indirect effect of the stroke. In those circumstances I could observe in real time how my body was fighting for my life in a way no doctor could explain. It was magical. And to my surprise I was each time very clearly aware of what was going on in and around me. It was not a full intellectual understanding of what was happening as I was not a doctor but an intuitive clarity. At that time I couldn’t put words on it. Now I know it was wisdom in action.

There were of course moments of panic, frustration or tension but I was surprisingly generally in peace with life despite the circumstances. Living day to day in a hospital and even intensive care environment for months. Navigating through the different options available moment to moment, depending on others for my survival, letting them and myself make crucial decisions not knowing which consequences they would have. Enjoying the deep connection with human beings around me and trusting wisdom along the way, with intuition and common sense, step by step. Nothing else was possible and at the same time with that Force, everything was possible.

I wouldn’t choose to go through that again if I was asked but still, it was an amazing experience. Really. It showed that I had this wisdom in me and that it was my friend all the time regardless the circumstances. It was not only there in difficult times. I can rely on it all my life, also in the most meaningful and beautiful moments!

I know what we all have access to it in our lives. That we have this force in us that guides us. I trust it for me and I trust it for you. Because we all have it. In our most creative and inspired and joyful moments. And also in times when life looks scary.

We don’t always know how to call it but we feel it. We forget it and then remember again that it is there inside us. We can reconnect with it anytime but we usually get there more easily when our mind settles and we are present. (This one is for another post!)

With a quiet mind you’ll be simply able to connect with it more often.

And yes, we feel confused, tensed, scared or even all of that sometimes, it is ok. Not because we are strong and smart. Although we are. But because those feelings, that we don’t like, do not mean as much as we think. We have something in us that is much greater. It will not always do things the way we want, no, it’s not its job. If we allow it, it will send us exactly what we need.. clarity, inner gps, a yes, a no, a pause, a new thought, an idea, a decision, an action, a direction.. or what ever is required in the moment.

When you don’t know, just trust the Force. It knows.


Written by Drissia Schroeder-Hohenwarth

Transformative Coach for Leaders, Teams and Organisations with a fascination for the endless potential of the mind.

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