The Insightful Leadership Retreat

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The Insightful Leadership Retreat

4,5 Days, 21.– 25.06.2021

Le Petit Château Argoumbat, France

The Programme

Leadership is both about being in service and influencing others. One of the many demands that are placed on Leaders today is to guide organisations through a transformation that does not only include structural changes but also, and more importantly, a deep cultural change, a shift of mind.

Transforming an organisation is about freeing the organisation from its mind conditioning. Transforming ourselves is no different. We are all framed in a way or in another, and questioning the believes that shape us can feel a bit scary at times. But when you get a glimpse of how it works, when you understand the principles that guide the human mind and see the nature of our thoughts, you start feeling where your stability really comes from, seeing life differently, one insight at a time.

Leadership is the driving force behind overcoming any organisational demand. This Programme is designed to provide leaders striving for more impact with a deeper understanding of the principles behind the human mind and wisdom. Clarity and transformative insights participants gain for themselves during the course will serve as levers for successful leadership, regardless their business goals.

The Insightful Leadership Retreat is based on the Transformative Coaching approach. It is a safe and confidential space for personal and mutual learning, sharing and growth. We will have time during the week to work with the topics that are important to you and to your organisation.


Your learning during the retreat includes:

  • Understanding and experiencing by yourself the nature of a personal transformative shift of mind.
  • Learning ways to quiet your mind in order to access wisdom.
  • Personal and peer coaching.
  • Unconventional inspiration for your own personal growth, your role as a leader and your organization.
  • A unique experience of learning, connection and mutual support with a group of diverse and interesting leaders.


  • The price for the retreat: 4.500€ + vat
  • It includes the learning programme, one 1h enrollment conversation prior to the retreat and one 1,5h coaching session within 4 weeks after the retreat.
  • It also includes 5 nights accommodation in single rooms as well as the food and drinks for the week. It excludes flight and transfer from the airport.
  • The location will be used exclusively by the participants of the retreat.
  • The programme is limited to 10 participants to ensure a perfect framework for individual and collective learning.
  • Relevant leadership experience is required.
  • A reading list will be provided prior to the retreat to help you prepare for our work together.
  • The retreat will start June 22nd at 10 am and finish at lunch time on the 26th. A welcome dinner is planned for June 21rst at 8pm.
  • Bring smart casual as well as comfortable indoor and outdoor cloths for the activities that we will have during the week.
  • The next airport is Toulouse-Blagnac. The location is about 60 minutes away from the airport.

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