The Insightful Presence Retreat

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The Insightful Presence Retreat

3,5 Days, 14. – 17.06.2020
Escapada – Mallorca, Spain

The Programme

This retreat is an opportunity to step back, quiet your mind, listen to wisdom, find your answers and strengthen your presence.

Our mind wanders, it is full of ideas, love and possibilities. It is also full of should and shouldn’t, full of stories, judgements, opinions, memories, projections.. Are all these thoughts who we are? Are all these thoughts what we need? What if we didn’t need all of them? What if we were not our thoughts? What if some of them were only old habits? What if we could see through them and let them go? What if it was the key to increasing our impact in our own way? You don´t believe it is possible? Yet, it is.

Presence is understanding how our mind works and being able to slowly free ourselves from the unnecessary conditioned habitual thinking, feeling and behaving that rule our lives sometimes. The ones we gained at some points in our life because it made sense then, but that do not serve us anymore. The ones that may still come and go sometimes because this is part of being human.

Presence is coming back to ourselves, to others and to life, here and now. Connecting with our natural wisdom. Whatever we are meant to do in this world whether personally or as a leader, whatever dreams or vision we have, whatever challenges we have to face sometimes in our private life or at work. It is not only a key to our happiness and a source of creativity, it opens the way to navigating through life and business, using our full potential.

Presence is also knowing where our security, resilience and stability really come from. Giving us the chance to live the full range of our human experience with confidence and grace.

It is an energy field that you and others feel.

In this retreat you will get the chance to pause, look inside for the way, start freeing yourself from the conditioned habitual thinking and behaving that you don’t need anymore and strengthen your natural presence in your own style, one insight at a time.

It will inspire you to move more freely and boost your leadership.

The Insightful Presence Retreat is based on the Transformative Coaching approach. You will experience the loving nature of personal transformative conversations in a warm and caring environment that supports personal growth. 

Your learning during the retreat includes:

  • Transformative coaching conversations
  • Awareness, healing and personal growth
  • Mindfulness, Meditation and Yoga practice
  • Learning about the mind, insights, presence and wisdom
  • Inspiration for whatever you are meant to do in the world
  • Connection and exchange with other open and inspiring human beings


  • The price for the retreat: 3.500€ + vat
  • It includes the learning programme, one 1h enrollment conversation prior to the retreat and one 1,5h coaching session within 4 weeks after the retreat.
  • It also includes 4 nights accommodation in beautiful single rooms, food and drinks as well as yoga sessions. It excludes flight and transfer from the airport and any other wellness services that would need to be booked separately.
  • The location will be used exclusively by the participants of the retreat.
  • The programme is limited to 6 participants to ensure the perfect framework for connection and learning.
  • A reading list will be provided prior to the retreat to help you prepare for our work together.
  • The retreat will start June 14th at 10 am and finish at lunch time on the 17th. A welcome dinner is planned for June 13th at 8pm.
  • Bring comfortable indoor and outdoor cloths for the activities that we will have during the retreat.
  • The next airport is Mallorca. The location is about 45 minutes away from the airport.

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